What is the ToyAward and why should I take part?2023-04-17T13:29:20+02:00

The ToyAward is THE innovation award from Spielwarenmesse® and is presented to particularly innovative products. Participation is completely free of charge for exhibitors of the Spielwarenmesse®. All winners and nominees will be covered extensively in the media via specially produced videoclips, the digital winners’ flyer, and press releases as well as on the ToyAward website.

When can I register for the ToyAward?2024-04-22T15:34:23+02:00

From September 2024, all exhibitors at Spielwarenmesse®2025 can register for the ToyAward 2025 via the website www.toyaward.de or directly in the OnlineServiceCenter.

When are the nominees and winners announced?2024-04-22T15:34:52+02:00

The presentation of the three nominated products in each category will take place at the main press conference of Spielwarenmesse eG on Thursday, January 23, 2025.

The date of the ToyAward ceremony is yet to be announced.

We are still developing our product. When does our product have to be finished by for it to be entered into the ToyAward?2023-08-10T11:08:44+02:00

Only fully functional product samples (also prototypes) scheduled for launch before and including 1 September 2024 can be entered.

Does the original product have to be entered or are images and sketches enough?2023-04-17T11:59:19+02:00

Product sketches and non-functional samples may NOT be entered in the competition.

What do I have to bear in mind when submitting my product? Are there any special requirements for prototypes?2023-04-17T11:58:05+02:00

The number of entries is limited to three products per company.

All dispatch and customs duties must be borne by the participating company. The product must be delivered carriage and duty paid (DDP = delivered duty paid). The product must arrive at Spielwarenmesse eG fully assembled and in a fully functional state. Necessary accessories such as batteries, must be sent with the product. The same requirements apply for prototypes.

What happens if my product is damaged?2023-04-17T11:56:47+02:00

Spielwarenmesse eG and service companies commissioned by Spielwarenmesse eG do not accept any liability for loss or damage to the products left in their or their staffs’ care, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. Any liability is strictly limited to the cost price of the product as an absolute maximum. Spielwarenmesse eG is not liable for any loss or damage to the products caused by third parties in general and visitors of the Spielwarenmesse® in particular. The product is also tested by the jury for its operability and ease of use. Spielwarenmesse eG accepts no liability here for possible damage to the product.

What happens to my product after the competition?2023-04-17T11:55:45+02:00

All products submitted will be donated to charity for the benefit of children after the ToyAward ceremony or the end of the Spielwarenmesse®. If this is not desired, please contact us.

Will I be told why my product has not won?2023-04-17T11:54:24+02:00

Unfortunately, if your product does not win, we are unable to provide you with individual reasons or explanations.

I would like to apply as a jury member. Is this possible?2023-04-17T13:29:56+02:00

This is possible on principle. Even so, we would only change the composition of the jury in exceptional circumstances. We would, however, be pleased to receive your email with a short biography and explanation as to why you think you would make a good jury member for the ToyAward.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about the ToyAward?

Then please contact us:

Nicole Rußler
Spielwarenmesse eG
Tel.: +49 911 99813-41
E-Mail: n.russler@spielwarenmesse.de

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